De-Stress & Ground // Yoga For Menopause

3 Practices Bundle

Yoga For Menopause To De-Stress & Ground 

The symptoms of menopause can cause us to feel anxious, stressed and all-over-the-place. This bundle of ‘vata balancing’ yoga practices calms the mind and nervous system to manage the stresses of life and the fluctuating hormones that can cause us to feel 'a bit off' and overwhelmed.  

Vata is a term from the Indian holistic system of healing called Ayurveda, yoga's sister science.

When vata is in balance we enjoy creative yoga flows, but when vata is out of balance, as it often is during the transition to menopause; creative yoga flows and too much movement can feel annoying and de-stabilising. It is more supportive to engage in a practice that grounds and stabilises our energy.
This bundle of practices does exactly that. 

Yoga For Menopause Practices 

For symptoms like:
stress, overwhelm, anxiety, brain fog, muscle pain, joint pain & insomnia

This bundle offers 3 complimentary Goa Flow yoga practices for menopause.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms then this bundle is going to be your best friend.
The practices are simple, but powerful; and they are deliberately designed to support you in de-stressing and grounding. The practices might not get rid of the above symptoms but they can help you feel better equipped to manage them.

Goa Flow Yoga For Menopause is accessible to all women going through the transition to menopause. Each practice is different, but complimentary. You can use them according to what mood you are in on any given day.

The practices range from 45-55 minutes, but Anita also shares ways you can ground and de-stress in less time; when your schedule doesn't support a full practice.

Here is a short description of each practice:

Yoga Flow 

This Goa {vata} Flow is a creative practice that deliberately moves at a slower pace to ground and stabilise. It includes breath work, inquiry, meditation and deep relaxation // 51 minutes

Yin Yoga 

This is a nourishing yin practice to focus on releasing stress, over work and fear to nourish your life force. It offers breath work, meditation and inquiry // 56 minutes

Restorative Yoga

This restorative yoga practice will nourish you on all levels of your human BEing-ness. It will fill your cup, so you can do all the things you want to do at this stage of your life // 42 minutes



For the price you get 3 yoga practices, unlimited access for as long as you need them.

You also get access to the Goa Flow Yoga For Menopause Community Group (on this platform) where you can connect with other Goa Flow-ers who are going through the transition to menopause. We love to share information and support each other.

  • De-Stress & Ground // Yoga For Menopause
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    3 Yoga Practice Bundle

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  • Yoga Flow (51 min)
  • Yin Yoga (56 min)
  • Restorative Yoga (42 min)
  • Yoga For Menopause Community inside AnitaGoaStudio

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