Welcome to Anita Goa Studio, 
home to the various formats of Goa Flow; 
dynamic yoga, yin/restorative yoga, fitness and yoga for menopause. 

We offer 'live' online classes, on-demand bundles and membership (mid/late October 2021).

Upcoming Live Classes

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How To Book The 'Live' Online Classes

The 'live' online classes on September 26th, October 3rd & 10th are free to attend.

How to book your spot for 'live' class:

1. If you are already registered on this site, or have purchased a product 'book your spot' with your sign in details.

2. If you are not registered on the site
a) first sign up and register yourself on the site (see drop-down menu if on a mobile, or top bar if on a computer), when you have registered, log out.
b) come back to this page and upcoming live classes, find the class you want to attend, click 'book a spot' and add in your log in details.
That's it. Sorry for the steps, but from now on you can book yourself into any future free 'live' class.

3. You will receive an email confirmation that you are booked into the class. If you have any questions let Anita know.

Learn about the different Goa Flow formats here.

Note: Anita asks that your camera be turned on during 'live' online class, it's the only way she can create a connection with you, which is important to her. She kindly asks that if you are unable to have camera turned on to refrain from signing up to the free 'live' online class.

Monthly Subscription

Goa Flow Membership

As of mid/late October 2021, Anita will offer a monthly subscription/membership.
It will include all formats of Goa Flow, live online classes, themed workshop series, seasonal online retreats and a library of on-demand classes.
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On-Demand Bundle

Goa {inner} Flow 

Goa {inner} Flow honours the essence of yin and restorative yoga while adding pranayama (breathing practices), face massage and preparation exercises to support settling into the inner flow connection.

On-Demand Bundles 

Goa Flow Yoga for Menopause

Goa Flow Yoga For Menopause aka Goa Flow YFM offers practices to support your mood, symptoms and wellbeing during the transition to menopause.  


You can tune in to 'live' online classes or avail of on-demand practices; anywhere, anytime, on any device (computer, tablet, smart phone). 

"I always find the perfect Goa Flow practice according to how my body feels. They leave me feeling grounded, clear, and 100% better spiritually, mentally, and physically. We are blessed to have you." 

- Linda 


Founder of AnitaGoaStudio & Goa Flow 

As a 51 year old woman with 20+ years experience in yoga and fitness from Norway, USA and UK, you are in good hands regardless of what age you are.

I am a published author, senior teacher with the Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK), personal trainer and an accredited Menopause Yoga© Teacher.

Learn more about me and my signature style Goa Flow by clicking 'learn more.'


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