Goa Flow Membership

For Anita it's about celebrating ourselves for who we are, (at any age) while working out together as a community. She thrives on feedback and getting to know the Goa Flow-ers.

What you get from Anita and being a Goa Flow member is an inclusive, non-competitive community where no one is asked to be anything other than who they are but at the same time, everyone is inspired to push themselves to their fullest potential, even when they don't think they can.

You'll get content that is serious about having fun and give results.


As a member you get:

'live' online classes and on-demand library of all the forms of Goa Flow
  • Goa {yoga} Flow 
  • Goa {fit} Flow
  • Goa {inner} Flow 
  • Goa Flow For Menopause 
You get: 
  • 2 new practices a week (8 practices a month)
  • Live online classes (schedule to be determined)
  • Themed workshops and seasonal online retreats; on the deeper meanings of wellbeing on and off the mat, and yoga philosophy
  • Goa Flow community space. Stay in touch with other Goa Flow-ers and be in daily direct contact with Anita (on this website).
Please note: The membership content will always be driven by members requests.

This membership is new and will be in beta* mode for a couple of months to grow the content and iron out any kinks. Anita starts with a small library of practices, and will be growing the content week by week.
You will always receive at least 2 new weekly practices for the monthly membership fee.

Anita will offer 'live' online classes. We will determine the schedule/times for when they begin.

The content will be in rotation, and always stay fresh. Trust you will never lack practices to avail of.

See FAQs below for more information.

A Goa Flow Membership is for you if ... 

  • You are used to practicing with Anita on YouTube or in real life group classes. You want to practice more with her and avail of the premium content
  • You want to deepen your study of yoga
  • You want the option of integrating fitness with your yoga practice 
  • You want to practice self care as much in the ebbs of life as in the flows
  • You want to be a part of the Goa Flow-er community
  • You want to have direct contact with Anita 
  • You want to learn more about yoga philosophy and how to live yoga off the mat 
  • You like the variety and creativity Anita offers with the different Goa Flow formats and you want more of it
  • You have been waiting for years for Anita to offer a membership. Finally it's here!!

"I haven't found a video of Goa Flow i haven't liked - seriously!
Much gratitude to you, Anita for sharing your knowledge."



Solar Goa {yoga} Flows
Lunar Goa {yoga} Flows
Goa (inner} Flow
Goa {fit} Flow
Goa Flow, Yoga for Peri/Menopause

Monthly Membership Price


Founding Member Fee 

  • 8 new practices a month
  • 'live' online classes
  • on-demand library
  • Goa Flow community on this platform
  • seasonal online retreats
  • discounts on specialty programs
  • secure this founding member's fee for life


Founder of AnitaGoaStudio & Goa Flow 

As a 52 year old woman with over 20+ years experience in yoga and fitness from Norway, USA and UK, you are in good hands regardless of what age you are.

I am a published author, senior teacher with the Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK), personal trainer and an accredited Menopause Yoga© Teacher.

Learn more about me and my signature style Goa Flow by clicking 'learn more.'

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why will you have a rotation in the membership content?

Storing hundreds of videos is costly, takes up a lot of storage space and isn't supportive for our Earth. Anita doesn't believe in the "you have access to 100's of videos in the library." It sounds great, but in reality there is only so much content a person can consumer in the course of a week, or a month, and it's not in aligned with certain yogic principles. 

Is the yoga advanced?

Whether you are new, or a seasoned yoga practitioner; Anita teaches in a way that supports you to progress or regress where that is needed. She also shares tutorials to support you. Goa Flow is about you following and finding your own flow :-)

How do I get access to the membership?

The moment you sign up you will gain access to the membership via this platform. You will  receive an email with all of the log-in details.

Please check your spam if you don't receive it, and add our email address to your address book to be sure to get all our email correspondence. 

Why are you having a Beta Version?

Beta doesn't mean less quality. It will give Anita time to grow the membership, learn what members want/need, and iron out any kinks. When you sign up during the beta period you secure the price for life (as long as you stay a member). The membership fee increases Jan 22, 2022.

What if I am not so familiar with Anita's teaching style?

To get a feel of Anita's teaching style tune in to her YouTube channel where she has offered 100s of free videos for over a decade.
This will give you a good idea of what she is about.

What is your cancellation policy? 

You can cancel at any time before the new billing period. NB! If you signed up as a founding member you will not be able to sign up for the same price (after the beta period has ended) should you choose to sign up again at a later date.