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If you're 40+ seeking an online space that empowers your yoga practice and well-being, you're in the right place.

My approach centers on yoga as the foundation, complemented by resistance training. While yoga excels at fostering mindfulness, mobility, balance, and self-inquiry; resistance training is scientifically proven to support bone density, muscle mass, heart and brain health—critical areas to focus on in midlife and beyond. This combination promotes holistic well-being and personal growth, empowering your journey through midlife and beyond.

As a 54-year-old, I understand how midlife can bring on significant changes, often shaking your confidence and sense of self. That's why I offer an online community with tools to empower your practice and wellbeing so you can embrace who you are at this stage and grow with confidence in body, mind, spirit and life. Midlife (and beyond) is not a limitation—it's an advantage.  

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Anita Goa 🙏


Practice Rooms

Choose your ideal practice room from a selection of on-demand classes tailored to fit your schedule, energy level, and mood.

Live Classes

Join livestream classes, connect with a global community of likeminded midlife women, receive direct guidance from Anita.

Complete Focus

Experience the exclusivity of receiving Anita's undivided attention and the opportunity to schedule sessions for tailored feedback and guidance.

Always Fresh Content

Anita's content is curated based on the specific needs and requests of our members. She values feedback and continuously strives to provide the best experience. Gain unlimited access to an extensive library. Enjoy new classes weekly that ensure a fresh and enriched practice for your midlife journey.

Monthly Theme

The monthly themes provide an opportunity to delve deeper into your practice and discover the profound benefits not just on the mat, but in all aspects of your life as you navigate midlife and beyond. It's a holistic journey that nurtures every level of your being. 


Join an inclusive, non-competitive, world wide community of strong and inspiring women in midlife and beyond dedicated to personal growth and empowerment. Get access to the private community forum inside this platform.

"Since joining the Goa Flow Practice Room I have formed a consistent practice in the comfort of my own home. I feel stronger, (physically and mentally), I have better posture, I'm able to face each day with calmness and focus. I am learning to love what my body can do, and I trust my body more now to try new things, and think outside the box. I feel encouraged and supported to be myself by Anita, and the Goa Flow community.  Self-care is my priority.!"

- Valerie K, Founding Member


Select your ideal practice room of on-demand classes that cater to your schedule, energy level, and mood.

  • Enter the solar room when you're in the mood for an invigorating, strength-building yoga class. This is particularly beneficial for women in midlife to enhance physical vitality and promote inner strength.
  • Enter the lunar room when you're not in the mood for an active, strength producing yoga class
  • Enter the relaxation room when you need to replenish your energy and find a sense of deep relaxation. This is beneficial for women in midlife to restore energy, enhance overall well-being and cultivate a sense of balance in your life.
  • Enter the wisdom room when you want to delve into the profound wisdom of yoga philosophy. The teachings and principles of yoga can be particularly enriching for women in midlife, as it provides an opportunity for self-reflection, introspection, and personal growth. By exploring the depths of yoga philosophy, you can gain valuable insights and apply them to your life, fostering a greater sense of purpose, clarity, and wisdom during this transformative stage of life.
  • Enter the fitness room to counteract the natural decline in muscle mass and bone density that occurs with age. By participating in targeted exercises to strengthen muscles and bones, it not only enhances your physical capabilities but also contributes to improved balance, posture, and overall physical and mental confidence as you navigate through the midlife stage of life.
  • Enter the peri/menopause room if you want to learn about this phase of life and what can support any of the symptoms
  • Enter the live stream practice room for live classes around the monthly theme. 

"I love the quality over quantity approach. The quality of your teaching and the variety is what keeps me coming back for more. I can laugh while learning, and my cup (“prana account” as you call it) feels fuller after each class! Your classes always give me what I need, when I need them."

- Christina C, Founding Member


It's for you, if:

  • You want to gain insight into how you can be your best self at midlife and beyond, even with life's responsibilities and demands; from the perspective of yoga wisdom and Eastern Philosophies. 
  • You want the option to integrate fitness with your yoga practice
  • You want to avail of the variety and creativity Anita offers with all the various practice rooms and Goa Flow formats
  • You want to be apart of a community and stay in direct contact with Anita 
  • You have been practicing with Anita on You Tube and/or group classes in London or New York, and you want more of her guidance, knowledge and wisdom

It's not for you, if:

  • You're not interested in the perspective of yoga wisdom and Eastern Philosophies. 
  • You're not interested in integrating fitness with your yoga practice.*
  • You're not into variety and creativity.  
  • You're not into self-inquiry 
  • You're not into yin or restorative yoga,** 
  • You have an injury/illness that is in need of medical attention or requires a physical therapist. 
  • You are a super advanced yoga practitioner wanting advanced transitions.

* you don't have to integrate fitness with your yoga practice. It's an option for those who want to  
** there are plenty of other classes to justify the fee. You don't have to enter a room that doesn't resonate with you

“Anita has created a space that embodies her philosophy , "follow your own flow." The Goa Flow Practice Room supports me to find what my own flow is,  so i can  follow it on and off the mat.  
I feel supported on this journey and embraced with an open mind and open heart.  When you join, you are welcomed with the support of Anita and the Goa Flow-er community.” 

- Amy C, Founding Member

Hello, I am Anita Goa (she/her)

Founder of AnitaGoaStudio and Goa Flow 

As a 53-year-old pro-age advocate, I am committed to fostering a non-competitive environment that celebrates the advantages of midlife.  Through my own experiences and teaching countless individuals worldwide, I have come to believe that midlife is not a limitation; it is an incredible advantage.

I understand firsthand the transformative power of yoga, fitness, and reflection, which have been my trusted companions during times of adversity.  Fitness saved me during my teens and 20s, while yoga encouraged self-acceptance in my 30s and 40s. Now, in my 50s, I have combined these practices to support my ongoing journey of growth and self-discovery.  

I want you to know that I am just like you. I experience doubts and limiting beliefs, and through years of experience, I have also learned not to be defined by them.  I invite you to join me in embracing your own unique path, growing at your own pace, and unlocking your best self.  

My purpose is to provide a nurturing space and offer guidance so that you can grow and trust your inner knowing. Regardless of age, I am here to help you feel and be your best self.  Known for my accessibility, responsiveness, and genuine care, I bring a light-hearted approach while remaining dedicated to my work. I firmly believe in having a good time while taking what I do seriously.  

To learn more about me and my signature style, Goa Flow, click 'learn more.'  Together, let's embark on a journey of personal growth, strength, and fulfillment.


Join now and embark on a transformative journey with Anita as your guide. She aims to inspire you to embrace your unique journey and discover the power within you, and let it propel you to new heights.

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Join now and witness the incredible growth and empowerment that await you. Our inspiring Goa Flow-er community will welcome you with open arms. 



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Storing hundreds of videos isn't supportive for our Earth or aligned with certain yogic principles.  100's of videos in a library sounds great, but in reality there is only so much a person can consumer per week/month. Anita believes in quality over quantity. 

Most of the Goa Flow-ers have practiced with Anita for some time. They are experienced, but with varying levels. Anita aims to teach in a way that supports everyone to progress. Tutorials and workshops are available to support deepening your practice. 

Tune in to Anita's YouTube channel here. She has offered over 300 free videos for over a decade. This will give you a good idea of what she is about. Anita no longer offers yoga or fitness flows on YouTube. It's all here in the membership. 

You get access via this website/portal the moment you sign up. You will receive an email with all [log-in] details. Please check your spam if you don't receive the email, and add our email address to your address book to be sure you get all our email correspondence.

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