A One Of It's Kind Flow With Life & The Moon Phases Practice

Anita Goa has been flowing with the moon phases since around 2003, when she noticed she didn't feel the same every day. By following the 8 phases of the moon she created a theme and a specific way of flowing for each phase. This has since become Goa Flow; Phases.

Anita is always inspired by the phases of life and how they relate to the phases of the moon, and loves to create practices that support body, mind and spirit for the flow of life.


Each moon cycle has a specific monthly theme.
There are 8 moon phase practices for each moon phase. These practices are a combination of Goa Flow yoga, fitness flows, restorative yoga, yin yoga, meditation and inquiry depending on where we are in the moon cycle.
All practices build on the month's theme.

How It Works 

Anita is deciding on whether this should be a monthly subscription, or a one time fee program, or a combination. Please let her know your thoughts. 


Add your name to the wait list to let Anita know you are interested in Goa Flow; Phases. She will keep you posted on the launch. Thank you 🙏🌙