Yoga for Menopause [Mega Yoga Bundle]

7 Yoga Practices For Menopause Symptoms

What's In The Mega Bundle? 

Yoga Flow, Yin Yoga & Restorative Yoga 

Supports symptoms like:
anxiety, fatigue, muscle/joint pain, brain fog, hot flushes, meno-rage, mood swings, insomnia, lethargy, low mood, lack of energy and zest for life.

This bundle includes a total of 7 yoga practices designed to support you with all the main menopause symptoms listed above.

All the practices will support your overall sense of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.  
You get:
3 yoga flows that are divided into ‘vata, pitta or kapha balancing’ yoga flow practices specially designed to support you on the mat depending on what symptom you are experiencing. Vata, Pitta & Kapha are terms from the Indian holistic system of healing called Ayurveda, (yoga's sister science).

3 yin yoga practices designed according to meridians and correspond to the mood and symptoms we experience during the transition to menopause. The yin practices are a perfect balance to the yoga flows.  

1 restorative practice that is pure restoration for mind, body and spirit. It is beneficial for all symptoms.

All practices can be mixed & matched according to mood and symptom.
You will be able to use all 7 yoga practices over the course of your menopause transition. The practices are well-rounded and nurturing.

Read more about each practice below.

Welcome in to a community of women supporting each other through the transition to menopause. We can't wait to meet you on the inside.


Vata Practice #1

A practice to ground your energy & destress. Great for symptoms like: Anxiety, Fatigue, Muscle/Joint pain, Brain Fog 

Pitta Practice #2

A practice to cool, calm & transform.
Great for symptoms like: Hot Flushes, MenoRage, Mood Swings, Insomnia

Kapha Practice #3

A practice to energise and uplift.
Great for symptoms like: Lethargy, Lack of Energy, Low Mood 


Yin Practice #1

 Nourish Your Life Force
Symptoms: Anxiety, Fatigue, Muscle/Joint pain, Brain Fog

Yin Practice #2

Nourish Your Vision  
Symptoms: Flushes, MenoRage, Mood Swings, Insomnia

Yin Practice #3

Nourish Your Life
Symptoms: Lethargy, Lack of Energy, Low Mood

Restorative Yoga

Restore & Nourish Mind, Body, Spirit
Symptoms: All

Anita Goa has over 20 yrs of experience as a yoga teacher. She is a senior teacher with the Yoga Yoga Alliance Professionals, and an accredited Menopause Yoga© Teacher by Petra Coveney, Yoga Alliance & the British Wheel of Yoga.   


You get a total of 7 yoga practices to support your mood and any of the main menopause symptoms.

You also become part of the Goa Flow; Yoga For Menopause Community. A private community of women supporting each other inside the Anita Goa Studio. 

 You can also buy the All You Need For Menopause Bundle here. It includes the 7 Yoga For Menopause practices & Manage Your Menopause Master Class for a discounted price.

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Yoga For Peri-Menopause Program


7 practices to Ebb & Flow with Mood & Symptoms

Frequently Asked Questions 

 You have access to Goa Flow YFM and the community for as long as you need it. 

When you buy Yoga For Menopause, you will be asked to create an account on this platform, Anita Goa Studio. When you have done that, then you will have immediate access to the yoga practices from anywhere in the world, on any device; as long as you have a internet/wifi connection. 

Anita categorised the practices into symptoms and mood as women often identify with certain symptoms, but truthfully you will be able to use all the practices even if you don't have all of the symptoms. The practices are very nourishing and supporting for you regardless. Also you might feel different in your energy levels during your transition to menopause. Sometimes you'll feel low energy, other times high energy, and other times again somewhere in the middle.

At the moment Anita doesn't offer that option. She chose to offer it as a bundle of practices and make it as inexpensive as possible. Anita believe you'll get the most out of the practices this way.  
If there are a lot of women wanting to buy single practices then Anita will consider it of course. Let her know.  


What's Inside The Menopause Mega Bundle