Pause & Boost Energy // Yin For Menopause

3 Practice Bundle + a bonus booster

Yin To Balance Yang

It might sound counter-intuitive but the best way to boost energy is to take time out to pause.
Give yourself a moment to fill up your cup.

This phase of our life can feel overwhelming and exhausting, but if you take some time out to pause you will be rewarded with a boost of energy and able to deal with it in a way that supports you and your life.

Goa {inner} Flow; Yin Yoga for Menopause is based on the Taoist concept of yin and yang (the opposite and complementary principles in nature).  

In this bundle Anita offers specific sequences to stimulate the meridians  (the subtle energy channels of our body), as inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), to support mood and menopause symptoms.

The yin practices, together with the [bonus] restorative yoga practice will de-stress and restore your life force energy, which is so important to do when our hormones are fluctuating during the transition to menopause.

Yin Yoga For Menopause

This mini-bundle supports symptoms like:
Anxiety, Fatigue, Muscle/ Joint pain, Brain Fog, Lethargy, Low energy, Hot Flushes, Meno-Rage, Mood Swings, Insomnia, Mood swings,
Low libido, Weight gain, and Lack of Zest For Life.  

Even if you don't have all the symptoms mentioned here, the practices will support you regardless.

This mini-bundle offers:

- 3 yin yoga practices designed according to meridians and correspond to the mood and menopause symptom(s).
- 1 bonus restorative practice that is pure restoration for mind, body and spirit.

The practices are simple, powerful and accessible to all women going through the transition to menopause. The practices might not get rid of the above symptoms but you might experience them as your BFF supporting you to feel better equipped to manage them, and life.  

Each practice is different, but they all compliment each other.
You can use them according to what mood you are in on any given day.  

The length of each practices is 40-55 minutes, but Anita shares ways you can ground and de-stress in less time; when your schedule doesn't support a full practice.  

Here is a short description of each practice:

Yin Yoga #1

Nourish Your Life Force
Symptoms: Anxiety, Fatigue, Muscle/ Joint pain, Brain Fog // 56 min

Yin Yoga #2

Nourish Your Vision
Symptoms: Hot Flushes, MenoRage, Mood Swings, Insomnia // 49 min

Yin Yoga #3

Nourish Your Life
Symptoms: Lethargy, Lack of Energy, Low Mood // 43 min

Bonus booster: Restorative Yoga 

Pause to fill your cup, and nourish all levels of your human BEing-ness.  
// 42 min



For the price you get 3 yoga practices, unlimited access for as long as you need them.

You also get access to the Goa Flow Yoga For Menopause Community Group (on this platform!) where you can connect with other Goa Flow-ers who are going through the transition to menopause. We love to share information and support each other.  

  • Yin Yoga For Menopause
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    3 Practice Bundle + Bonus Restorative Yoga

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  • 3 Yin Yoga Practices
  • Bonus: Restorative Yoga Practice
  • Access To Yoga For Menopause Community on AnitaGoaStudio

What's Inside The Mini-Bundle?